“Italian Guitar Rarities”

Published by Naxos

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“Italian Guitar Rarities"
Published by Naxos

Gian Francesco Malipiero
1. Preludio

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Aranci in fiore op. 87b
2. Aranci in fiore

Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello
Partita n. 7 (arranged by Giuseppe Buscemi)
3. I - Allegro
4. II – Andante
5. III - Allegro

Bruno Bettinelli
Cinque preludi
6. I - Tranquillo
7. II - Deciso e ritmato
8. III - Lento
9. IV - Veloce
10. V – Allegro

Niccolò Paganini 11. Ghiribizzo n. 22
12. M.S. 84 Sonata n. 33
13. M.S. 85 Sonatina n. 4

Giorgio Federico Ghedini
14. Studio da concerto

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Tre preludi mediterranei op. 176
15. Serenatella
16. Nenia
17. Danza

Mauro Giuliani
18. Rossiniana n. 2 op. 120

“Dances & Dreams”

Published by DaVinci Classics

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“Dances & Dreams”
Published by DaVinci Classics

Manuel M. Ponce
Sonata for guitar and piano
1. Allegro moderato
2. Andantino
3. Allegro non troppo e piacevole

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Fantasia op. 145
4. I
5. II

Carlo Galante
Piccole serenate alla luna piena (dedicated to Antipodes Duo)
6. Misterioso
7. Mosso
8. Espressivo
9. Allegretto
10. Vivace e ritmico

Leo Brouwer
Tres Danzas Concertantes
11. Allegro
12. Andantino (quasi allegretto)
13. Toccata

Hans Haug
14. Fantasia pour guitare et piano

“Come, heavy Sleep”

Published by DotGuitar .G1803

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“Come, heavy Sleep”
Published by DotGuitar .G1803

Frank Martin
Quatre Piéces Bréves
1. Prélude
2. Air
3. Plainte
4. Comme une Gigue

Benjamin Britten
Nocturnal after John Dowland op. 70
5. I - Musingly

6. II - Very agitated
7. III - Restless
8. IV - Uneasy
9. V - March-like
10. VI - Dreaming
11. VII - Gently rocking
12. VIII - Passacaglia
13. Slow and quiet

Manuel De Falla
14. Homenaje pour le Tombeau de Debussy

Joan Manen
15. Fantasia-Sonata Op. A-22

Along with the CD you will also find a booklet, written by the musicologist Stefano Campagnolo,
about the creation of these pieces.


Maximilian Trapp
on “Gitarre & Laute” magazine (Germany)

“[...] Giuseppe Buscemi knows exactly how to manage the pieces he plays. The interaction between dissonance and consonance, the musical relationship between tension and relaxation, the dynamic between forte and piano: Giuseppe Buscemi plays with elegance and energy.
With his first album, he has showed us a lot, but he has promised us a lot more.”

Pascal Proust
on “Guitare Classique Magazine” (France)

“[...] The listener bathes in the shooting, reflective atmosphere of this album, Giuseppe Buscemi’s guitar leads us into a musical dream. The guitar takes center stage, carrying the music, thanks to the subtlety and sensitivity of Giuseppe Buscemi's almost bewitching technique. The listener feels first lulled, then whisked away into the heavens, where Giuseppe Buscemi proves his talent through brilliantly interpreted works.